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[Chinese hardware store industry leader ton]
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2012 entered the era of rapid development of Internet, e-commerce marketing model to replace the traditional sales model, land Nige on insight into the great prospects of the electricity market. Then register for the "Chinese hardware store," the resource platform. In order to build this platform to provide users with a one-stop online services, cloud storage, office and other electricity providers step solutions, decided to add the Internet to expand the traditional model of development platform to expand until the market, so investors can Share "Chinese hardware store" bonus points for everyone to create profits.

        With the improvement of housing conditions, making Chinese residents willing to invest in the hardware appliances and decoration, its ability to purchase hardware appliances is growing, the overall market is growing rapidly. It needs to replace hardware appliances projections, according to the sixth national census data show that China's mainland provinces, autonomous regions, a total of about 40,152 million households, according to a decade to replace the hardware appliances, equivalent to 40 million per year households about family updated hardware appliances; an average of $ 1,000 per household per year to update hardware appliances can total up to 400 billion yuan. In addition, the town is the future direction of China's main policy of stimulating domestic demand, urbanization will facilitate development of hardware appliances market.

        At present, China metal electrical products on the market a lot, use a wide range, mainly civilian electrical hardware, hardware appliances hotels, office hardware appliances.

        Survey shows that middle-class consumers on the mainland decorative hardware appliances more and more attention, 73% of respondents said they are more willing to spend to buy or replace hardware appliances decorative products than ever before, and the trend of their purchasing decisions have a significant impact. When selecting hardware appliances, more people are most concerned about quality and style.

        Our hardware appliances on the market a wide variety of affordable hardware appliances, oversupply appear, and high-end hardware appliances can not meet market demand. Domestic production capacity of high-end hardware appliances is insufficient, from processing methods, skills of workers and the supply of raw materials can not meet the conditions for the production of high-end hardware appliances, domestic sales of high-end hardware appliances are a lot of imports. The current high-grade metal electrical production is growing, poor quality of low-end products gradually withdraw from the market.

        China Hardware Electrical market characteristics

        Behind electrical design includes culture, nature, environment, fashion has become mainstream culture over the years electrical design; in the human design, the colors, shapes, lines to size are taken into account ergonomic requirements, this user-friendly design has gradually become the people's favorite.

        Currently, the market sales of electrical appliances to hardware-based store, according to industry experts incomplete survey, more than 5,000 square meters of domestic appliances circulation spaces over 2500, more than 10,000 square meters, more than 900, more than 20,000 square meters there are more than 500, more than 30,000 square meters, more than 100, more than 50,000 square meters, more than 30.

        In recent years, the annual "double eleven" Lynx gains for the electrical industry brought great shock, electrical appliances electricity supplier is the general trend. In order to open up channels for many electronics companies are testing the water and electricity business platform. Currently, the electrical industry there again Hydropower Company distributors, logistics, standardization, initial investment and many other issues, if not resolved these issues before blindly into electricity provider, nor is the wise, but the development of the electricity supplier has been unstoppable, in 2015, the pace of electrical industry electricity supplier era will also be greater the more step.

        Data proves once again that in the electricity business market to give the young man was the world - in particular mobile electricity supplier end in the last two years, young consumers have formed a stable consumer buying habits, no exaggeration to say that when some of the masters 80,90 call the shots, electrical products become the main consumer groups, when the business of the traditional electronics stores will to worse, and eventually became an indisputable fact.

(Source: Global network hardware)

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