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Changzhou Haode Tools Co.,Ltd is specialized in designing, researching, producing and selling carbide tools, which includes end mills, drill bits and special tools. Our tools is widely used in various mechanical processing fields including factory, auto parts, aeronautics and astronautics, wind power transmission, model and so on. With high technology, advanced equipment, rich experience, our company win a good reputation. We have many good customers, such as Volkswagen, Bosch GM, Shanghai GM, Shanghai electrical and so on.
1. Carbide End Mills series
Our high-end carbide end mills mainly involve aeronautics and astronautics, wind power transmission, model, IT and some other fields.
Specially for the high-speed end mill and tapered ball end mill, we have rich experience in impeller tools processing and practical application. We have the most advanced equipment and cooperative with the top supplier in European, we choose the special carbide rods to process aeronautics and astronautics field. We use the best coating from oerlikon balzers company which is the top coating company. We can ensure our tool quality in high-end cutting tools in the aeronautics and astronautics field and have a strong competitiveness in the market.
2. Carbide drill bits series
Our high-end drill bits is mainly used in auto engineer, auto connecting rod, auto parts, diesel engineer, nozzles, grinding tool field.
Engine cylinder block cylinder head field , auto connecting rod field and grinding tool field have a high require of the drilling, we can customized high-end carbide drill bits according to the customers’ needs and offer the complete drill plan, which bring the high cost performance and help to cut the cost for the customer effectively.
3. Special cutting tools
With advanced equipment and excellent designer, we win a good advantage in designing, researching special tools. Our designing and processing can replace the import tool and to be international. We can be your best choose for breaking the import tools’ long delivery and high price.
We have rich experience in processing leaf blade, especially for the Christmas tree end mill, we have reached a high level. We can shorten the processing cycle and cut the cost.

Our motto:
Integrity   Innovation   Quality first   Seeking for offering high quality tools for customer

Our advantage:
1. Professional design and research team
2. Top grinding machine for cutting tools
3. First-step test equipment


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