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[Large Sets of Stepped Drilling Characteristics]
Release date:[2016/10/26] A total of reading[2722]

Every day with the machine tool to deal with, you know every day using those milling cutter, drill, ladder drill is how to produce it? Xiao Bian today to find some information to share with you, of course, here is only some kind of tool production methods, can not represent all of the relevant information Xiaobian find limited, if any of the different types of processing tool to understand,

The formation of step drill commonly used in the domestic rolling process. The biggest advantage of the process is high production efficiency, can make full use of raw materials; processing step drill body internal structure of fiber with fiber continuity, and grain refinement, carbide uniformity, high red hardness. At present, the whole step drill is manufactured by CBN grinding. The material is mainly high speed steel and hard alloy. The machining precision is high. According to the different processing conditions, the surface coating can be treated to prolong the service life of tool and enhance tool durability. Strong and durable, so how can we not love it!

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