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Outer chilled carbide drill bit, inner chilled carbide drill
[Internal cold carbide bit and external cold alloy drill which long service life?]
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In the case of the same parameters, the drill bit with internal cooling holes for the coolant is about 30% higher than the outside of the drill bit. The biggest advantage of using an internal cooling drill on an internally cooled machine is to improve drilling stability and drilling efficiency. In the cold carbide drill bit is to reduce the high-speed processing of the drill bit when the high bit of the drill bit and the appearance of the product damage, sharp tool production of various alloy cold drill bit, dedicated to high-speed hole processing, its characteristics from the handle to The cutting edge has two screw holes drilled by the twist thread. In the cutting process, the compressed air, oil or cutting fluid is passed through the cutting tool to remove the chip, reduce the cutting temperature of the tool, Of the service life, plus the internal friction coating bit surface TIALN coating, but also increase the durability of the drill bit and the processing of the size of the stability, so the inner cold drill bit than ordinary carbide drill bit has excellent cutting performance, especially suitable for use Deep hole processing and difficult to process materials and reduce the high-speed processing of the drill bit when the high impact on the drill and the appearance of the product damage, to bring you high-speed and efficient drilling.

Internal cold carbide drill bit maintenance

In the case of

1. When drilling steel, please ensure adequate cooling and use metal cutting fluid.

2, a good drill pipe steel and rail clearance can improve the accuracy of drilling and drill life;

3, please ensure that the magnetic seat and the workpiece between the smooth and clean.

4, drilling sheet, to strengthen the workpiece, drilling large parts, please ensure that the workpiece is stable.

5, at the beginning and end of the drilling, the feed should be reduced by 1/3.

6, the drilling of a large number of fine powder when the material, such as cast iron, cast copper, etc., can not use coolant, compressed air to help chip removal.

7, please promptly remove the iron filings wrapped in the drill body to ensure smooth chip removal.

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