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[Planning system to guide the development of manufacturing industry usher in a new era]
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"Can be on the nine days of the moon, can be under the five Yang catch turtle." "Day trip thousands of miles, night eight hundred". The progress of science and technology, so that the ancient strange thinking that step by step into reality.

Since the reform and opening up, China's equipment manufacturing industry has made remarkable achievements, the establishment of a wide range of modern industrial system, the scale ranks first in the world. Especially in the past five years, not only the "sky eye" sounding, "dragon" sea, Shenzhou flying, high-speed rail, Beidou network, the first flight of a large number of aircraft and other high-end distribution, strategic emerging industries, information technology Aspects of the "Made in China" stunning global. And China's high-end CNC system industry has accelerated the pace of the market share increased to 5%, mid-range CNC system to 25%, forming three industrial production base, ball screw, rail and other functional components in the accuracy, reliability The key indicators are close to the international advanced level; large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor and high-temperature gas-cooled reactor the successful implementation of major projects for our country to establish a complete three generations of nuclear power equipment materials and equipment manufacturing system ... ... these results from the accumulation of quality Leap, from the point of the breakthrough to enhance the system capacity for the "Made in China 2025" to achieve a solid foundation.

The planning system is fully formed

May 19, 2015, the State Council officially issued the "Made in China 2025", which is the implementation of China's power strategy for the first 10 years of action program. Since then, in order to refine the implementation of "Made in China 2025", efforts to break through the bottleneck and shortcomings of the development of the manufacturing industry, to seize the future high ground of competition, the national manufacturing power construction leading group launched the "1 + X" planning system, "China Manufacturing 2025" as the leading, manufacturing innovation center, intelligent manufacturing, industrial strong base and other five major project implementation guide, the development of service-oriented manufacturing, quality brand promotion and other two special action guide, information industry, manufacturing talent 4 development planning guides A total of 11 special plans and 2 standardization and quality improvement planning as the backbone, key areas of technical road map, industrial "four base" development directory and other green paper supplement, around the implementation of supporting documents to support the Horizontal linkage, vertical through, all aspects of the coordination of the policy system.

In the State Council Information Office 2016 industrial communications industry development press conference, the Ministry of Industry and Miao Wei said that by the end of 2016, "China made 2025" "1 + X" planning system has been completed, and have been released, a total of 11 supporting documents. At the same time, some supporting policies in the continuous improvement, focusing on five major projects and key landmark projects, each year to develop a number of goals, with key breakthroughs to drive the overall advance, continue to achieve 2020 and 2025 stage objectives.

At the same time, all over the country is also actively implement the "Made in China 2025", developed a corresponding planning policy, a number of "China made 2025" model city (group) was established. Over the past two years, from the state to the local attention to the degree of significant improvement in manufacturing, manufacturing quality and innovation to enhance the positive progress, manufacturing transformation and upgrading to further speed up. At present, the Ministry of Industry and the Ministry of Industry and the development of industrial infrastructure and industrial layout, has approved the city of Ningbo and other 12 cities and 5 cities in southern Jiangsu, Pearl River West Bank, Chang Zhu Tan, Zheng Luoxin four urban groups for the "Made in China 2025" pilot model city (group) The The pilot cities (groups) in the innovation system construction, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and other aspects of a bold exploration, combined with the actual launch of a series of innovative initiatives in the new path of transformation and upgrading of new ways to make a useful attempt.

Five projects to promote vigorously

"Made in China 2025" proposed five major projects, including manufacturing innovation center construction projects, strengthen the basic engineering, intelligent manufacturing engineering, green manufacturing engineering and high-end equipment innovation project. At present, the five projects have been fully launched, and achieved initial results.

From the specific results, in the manufacturing innovation center construction. The first state-level power battery innovation center has been set up, the state-level building materials innovation center of the construction program has also been demonstrated. At the same time, provinces and cities also established 19 provincial manufacturing innovation center. The manufacturing innovation center is not a single enterprise has the ability to solve the key technology, but mainly for the industry's common technology breakthrough.

In the intelligent manufacturing project, carried out 226 intelligent manufacturing integrated standardized test verification and new model application project, selected 109 intelligent manufacturing pilot demonstration project. A total of 38%, an increase in energy efficiency of 9.5%, an average 21% reduction in operating costs and a 35% reduction in product development over the average of the product development cycle, compared with an average of a year after the implementation of the demonstration project. , The average product defect rate decreased by 27%. To explore a number of more mature, reproducible, and can promote the new model of intelligent manufacturing, technical standards in the study and development of a digital factory reference model and a number of key standards, the initial establishment of the intelligent manufacturing standard system architecture.

In addition, as a representative of intelligent manufacturing, China's rapid development of the robot industry. At the World Robotics Conference, China Electronics Society released "China Robot Industry Development Report (2017)". The report predicts that in 2017 China's robot market will reach $ 6.28 billion, 2012-2017 average growth rate of nearly 28% over the same period the global average growth rate of only 17%.

In the industrial strong engineering, has been the construction of 19 the first batch of industrial technology based on public service platform, a number of core basic parts, key basic materials, advanced basic technology "card neck" problem has been resolved. Such as high-end aviation fasteners and a number of products to break the completely dependent on the import situation. Breaking a number of key basic materials technology, such as high standard bearing steel material formed a complete set of independent intellectual property rights of the core technology. Several advanced basic processes have made significant progress, such as ultra-supercritical thermal power units to achieve industrialization of stainless steel tubes. Industrial technology base continued to consolidate, such as CNC machine tools, new materials and other key areas accumulated more than 1.1 million national and industry standards, the fourth generation of mobile communications and other 97 proposals to become national standards.

In the green manufacturing project, the cumulative implementation of the 57 high-risk pollutant reduction projects, organized 99 enterprises to carry out green design demonstration enterprises pilot, to promote the 51 industrial parks to create a national low-carbon industrial park. 2017 China Green Manufacturing Alliance was established in Beijing. Vice Minister of Ministry of Industry and Industry Xin Guobin stressed that the establishment of China Green Manufacturing Alliance, is conducive to further promote the green manufacturing concept of communication, to strengthen political and academic research and other interactive exchanges, promote green manufacturing international cooperation, promote green manufacturing industry development and growth. According to statistics, in 2016 the national scale above the industrial added value energy consumption fell 5.47%, unit of industrial added value decreased by 6%. In the first half of 2017, industrial growth was steady, and various positive factors continued to show. The industrial added value of the above-scale scale increased by 6.9% over the same period of last year, and the industrial green development trend of rapid growth was becoming more and more.

In the high-end equipment innovation projects, high-precision CNC gear grinder, multi-axis precision heavy machine tools, CNC stamping production lines and other products have been among the world's advanced ranks. ARJ21 regional aircraft has been put into commercial operation, C919 large trunk jet aircraft is about to fly, AG600 amphibious aircraft also within this year to achieve the first flight, while the Long March 5 large launch vehicle, the world's first quantum satellite successfully launched.

In addition, China's equipment manufacturing major landmark projects achieved initial results. To robots, for example, successfully developed China's first flexible composite industrial robots, and to achieve an annual output of 50 production capacity. Robot used in the servo motor, RV reducer, harmonic reducer have been achieved a breakthrough, and the bulk of the supply.

Manufacturing and the depth of integration of the Internet

Over the past five years, more and more large-scale manufacturing enterprises through the use of information technology, the use of large-scale analysis of industrial means to provide industry-oriented needs of customized data analysis and application solutions to accelerate the construction of industrial ecology based on the new competitive advantage.

In 2016, the State Council recently issued "Guiding Opinions on Deepening the Integration of Manufacturing and Internet" (hereinafter referred to as "opinions"), deepening the development of manufacturing and Internet, and promoting the "Made in China 2025" and "Internet +" Speed up the construction of power to build. Followed by ministries and local governments have also introduced the rules, to promote the integration of the two to carry out the work.

In the policy guidance and support, business innovation enthusiasm greatly improved. For example, Shenyang Machine Tool relies on the i5 intelligent CNC machine tools developed by Shenzhou Digital to build the SESOL platform, which integrates consumers, designers, manufacturers, solution providers and hardware suppliers, and introduces the shared economic model to realize the users' Ability, and according to the processing of parts of the variety, quantity, processing time to pay.

Alibaba integration Taobao factory platform tens of thousands of enterprises manufacturing capacity, to achieve a number of factories processing online collaboration, to solve the decentralization of manufacturing resources, supply and demand can not be effectively docked to bring the industrial chain operation efficiency is not high, overcapacity and other issues The

On the other hand, Ali and Xugong to build engineering machinery cloud platform, running around the machine 24 hours of data collection, to achieve a remote monitoring, dynamic management. At the same time, R & D personnel to use large data analysis to optimize the product optimization, research and development launched G series of customized products, to better meet the individual needs of users.

Aerospace science and technology to create "space cloud" platform, through the platform of the industry brought together large data, traction upstream and downstream enterprises, improve resource allocation efficiency. On the line over the past year, the registration volume has exceeded 17.7 million, covering metal, equipment, electrical, electronics and other manufacturing industries, the overall platform turnover has reached 9.765 billion yuan.

"Opinions" clearly pointed out that the manufacturing industry is the main body of the national economy, is the implementation of "Internet +" action of the main battlefield. Promote the integration of manufacturing and the Internet, is conducive to the formation of superposition effect, polymerization effect, multiplier effect, speed up the development of new and old products and production system conversion. To create a manufacturing innovation and innovation potential as the main line to build manufacturing and Internet integration "double" platform as the starting point, around the manufacturing and Internet integration key links, and actively cultivate new models of new formats, strengthen the information Technology industry support, improve the information security, consolidate the integration of development foundation, to create a fusion of the development of new ecology, the full release of "Internet +" strength, the development of new economy, accelerate the "Made in China" quality upgrading.

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