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[Made in China from "usable" to "well used" but also "used to cool"]
Release date:[2017/11/7] A total of reading[2187]

Consumers looking forward to China's manufacturing upgrade from "usable" to "well-used", but also upgrade from "used well" to "used well," which puts a higher premium on the services on the supply side Claim

Friend home has a domestic water purifier, affordable, simple appearance, water purification effect is not bad. Encounter the people around to buy a new electrical appliances, the friend always recommended: "Now the domestic brands to the value of Yan Yan, to the quality of quality, cost-effective." However, recently, she began to complain to me: "Domestic products The hardware has been improving, but many after-sales service is still in place.

It turned out that a friend's home water purifier some time after a problem, apply for after-sales service process, the brand, repair points kick the ball back and forth, coordinated a week, there is no maintenance master home maintenance. In desperation, she bought a foreign brand water purifier, installation from the user to visit, after-sales service has a standardized operating procedures, staff are also very warm, people peace of mind, comfortable.

Friends encountered a lot of people feel the same thing. After the low-end functional requirements are met, more and more consumers also hope that the product is stable, easy to use and smart, and it is also best to bring pleasure during the use process. However, some domestic brands still remain in the compression service costs, by commodity low price to seize the market level. Such a low level of development and competition can only meet the needs of the low-level market and can not be eliminated before it will eventually be eliminated under the upsurge of consumption upgrading.

The report of the 19th National Congress of the CPC pointed out: "Deepening the supply-side structural reform. To build a modernized economic system, we must put the focus of economic development on the real economy and the improvement of the quality of the supply system as the main direction." High-quality supply system, not only need to upgrade the product "hardware", but also need "software" such as service to power. Consumers with broader perspectives expect that after making the upgrade from "usable" to "well used", Made in China can achieve the upgrade from "used well" to "used well." This places higher demands on the services on the supply side.

In fact, for manufacturers businesses, good after-sales service is by no means a loss of trading. Under the general trend of upgrading consumption, a large number of consumers are willing to pay for using "cool." On the one hand, after-sales service is also value-added services to many car brands, for example, the profit after-sales service than the car itself profit. On the other hand, a good after-sales service can better cultivate consumer loyalty, expand the brand's reputation and eventually transform into new sales. Domestic service also done a good brand, my parents spent more than 10 years of home-made brand washing machines, as long as a problem, make a call someone on-site maintenance, it was the brand "Circle powder", the new home decoration buyers Electricity, naturally, chose this brand.

Good product requires craftsmanship, good service also calls for a heart. In order to develop rice cookers that are more suitable for rice in China, the technical personnel of domestic manufacturers just to test the coating of the inner pot, it is necessary to cook thousands of pots of rice, without any nuances of the taste of rice. Polished service should also have such a share of "axis" effort, not miss any one customer to reflect the problem, continue to improve service quality. An international well-known car company set up after-sales excellence project, the after-sales service process every aspect of rigorous training, service skills contest held, as attached importance to technical personnel the same attention to service personnel, and ultimately help the brand won the majority of consumers good Word of mouth.

Behind the good service is the efficient management of a company. Consumers have more expectations on the supply side of the service, that is, the management of Chinese enterprises put forward higher requirements. In the first place, enterprises should elevate their services to their due priority and fully understand the important role of service. In daily operations, they constantly improve the service system, especially after-sales service. The supply side that allows consumers to "get things right" is the win-win situation for consumers, producers and sellers, and also a true leap in the quality of China's economy.

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