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[Broad market of artificial intelligence chips or open billions of blue ocean]
Release date:[2017/11/21] A total of reading[2726]

Artificial intelligence market prospects, how much the chip's prospects. Analysts said that the next 10 years is not only 10 years of artificial intelligence sweeping everything, but also the development of China's chip industry 10 years of gold.

In recent years, super computer "Alpha dog" limelight, this intelligent robot has defeated South Korea and China's top Go Master, bringing great shock to people. Some people say that "the first year of artificial intelligence" has arrived. A series of new phenomena in the field of artificial intelligence, new breakthroughs, dazzling, dizzying.

The chip is the core of artificial intelligence, it can be said that the artificial intelligence market prospects, how much the chip's prospects. Analysts said that the next 10 years is not only 10 years of artificial intelligence sweeping everything, but also the development of China's chip industry 10 years of gold.

Data show that by 2020, the global market for artificial intelligence is expected to exceed 100 billion US dollars. The continuous heat of artificial intelligence undoubtedly attracted a lot of capital and corporate layout. As a chip running artificial intelligence, it undoubtedly became the biggest blue ocean. A war to occupy the industrial high ground has already started.

Government policy support

With the "Internet +" three-year plan for implementing artificial intelligence, "it is proposed that by 2018, industries, services and standardization systems for artificial intelligence will be basically established to achieve core technological breakthroughs and form a 100 billion-scale market for artificial intelligence applications. The "13th Five-Year Plan for National Science and Technology Innovation" promulgated by the State Council has made artificial intelligence a top priority.

In order to sustain growth and industrial upgrading, it is using artificial intelligence to promote economic growth as the world's leading competitor. Whether government or business, artificial intelligence and machine learning as the next important area of innovation. Because AI algorithms and performance are related to the computing power of chip processors. Today, however, China relies heavily on foreign suppliers for processors. Even many US manufacturers have deep-rooted artificial intelligence chips. However, as China's semiconductor industry continues to enter the industry, this part of the forecast will gradually be overcome in the coming years.

Domestic artificial intelligence market share annual growth rate of 50%, far exceeding the global average of 19.7%. Some domestic enterprises have been laying their positions along the industrial chain of artificial intelligence. In the fields of core chips, big data, biometrics, internet of things, security and other fields, domestic companies have made breakthroughs and the terminal AI chips usher in an accelerated period of development.

Artificial intelligence market situation

With the rapid development of science and technology, artificial intelligence also develops along with it. In 2016, the market size of artificial intelligence in China reached 9.661 billion yuan, a growth rate of 37.9%. The market size of China's artificial intelligence industry continued to grow. In 2017, it will exceed 13.0 billion yuan, up 40.7%. It is expected that the market size will reach 20 billion yuan in 2018. Therefore, the demand for artificial intelligence chips will also increase the rate of growth.

According to statistics, in 2016 the world's artificial intelligence chip market reached 600 million US dollars, is expected to reach 5.2 billion in 2021, the CAGR of 53%, rapid growth, huge room for development. Combined with China's artificial intelligence market size, it is estimated that China's artificial intelligence chip market in 2016 is about 1.5 billion yuan.

As can be seen from the data, whether in our country or in the world, the degree of marketization of artificial intelligence chips is not high, mainly in the giants such as Intel, NVIDIA and AMD. For example, from the overall GPU market, Intel currently accounts for 71%, NVIDIA accounted for 16%, AMD accounted for 13%. Visible, Chinese enterprises still have a great opportunity to catch up.

Artificial intelligence forecasted

The market space of artificial intelligence will not only be confined to traditional computing platforms such as computers and mobile phones. Devices ranging from unmanned vehicles and unmanned aircraft to intelligent home appliances need to be perceived at least a few times as much as smartphones. Interactivity. Out of real-time requirements and training data privacy and other considerations, these capabilities can not be completely dependent on the cloud, you must have a local hardware and software based platform support. Only from this point of view, the demand for artificial intelligence custom chips will be several times the smart phone.

At present, the major technology giant in the field of artificial intelligence chip layout mostly concentrated in the field of cloud AI chips in the cloud to handle AI-related tasks, although this method can get excellent processor performance, but in terms of security and privacy Sacrificed. For the vast consumer electronics market, the terminal AI chip area is expected to heavy volume in the future.

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