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[Characteristic Analysis of Stainless Steel End Mills]
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What are the characteristics of stainless steel end mills? Let's take a look at Xiao Bian today ~

Stainless steel end mill features

Compared to 45 # steel, the workability is 1, the austenitic stainless steel is only 0.4, the ferritic stainless steel is only 0.48, and the martensite stainless steel is only 0.55, wherein the mixture of austenite and carbonaceous body is worse in workability.

1, severe processing hardening

Of the work hardening serious, the first choice is the mixture of austenite and ferrite is the most, the hardness of its hardened layer than the original matrix high hardness of 1.4 to 2.2 times the strength of R = 1470 ~ 1960MPa. The plasticity of this type of stainless steel, strengthen the large coefficient. And austenitic instability, easy to change under the action of cutting force into martensite.

2, stainless steel milling cutter cutting power

The plasticity of stainless steel high, especially the rate of deep austenitic stainless steel 45 # steel 2.5 times. In the milling process of plastic deformation, increase its cutting force, severe processing hardening, high thermal strength, cutting curling and break difficult.

3, stainless steel end mill cutting temperature is high

Stainless steel plastic deformation, increased friction, the thermal conductivity is relatively low, so the same conditions, the temperature of stainless steel milling 45 degrees higher than 45 degrees.

4, stainless steel end mill cutting is not easy to break

Stainless steel, easy to bond and produce BUE. Stainless steel plasticity and toughness are relatively large, cutting its cutting is not easy to break when milling. At high temperatures and pressures, the tool is prone to bond wear and build-up.

5, stainless steel end mill cutter easy to wear

TiC hard stainless steel easy to make the tool produce intense temper wear and tear. In high-speed high temperature and pressure conditions, cutting and cutting tools prone to sticking, diffusion and crater wear.

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