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[High-end manufacturing escort "Made in China 2025" to enhance industrial competitiveness]
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In our country, with the deepening of the "Internet", the potential of SMEs has been further strengthened. The "China-made 2025" high-speed trains must be driven by "dual engines" by large enterprises and small and medium-sized enterprises. Made in China 2025 is the program of action of the Chinese government for the first decade of implementing the strategy of building a powerful nation.

At present, China has completed the process of introduction, absorption and re-creation and has become the largest patent applicant in the world. The overall technological progress and the capability of technological innovation have been continuously improved, and China has entered a stage of development mainly driven by originality. With the vast market of hundreds of millions of people, complete industrial facilities, and the constant rise of innovative entrepreneurs and pioneers, China already has the basis for the transformation to smart manufacturing.

In the face of the tide of the fourth industrial revolution, China can only embark on the path of qualitative change by embracing change, proactively innovating, opening up and cooperating, and rapidly acting. It will occupy the initiative in the future competition and achieve a leap in manufacturing power.

As the basis of China's economic development, manufacturing industry has long shown a large but not strong, all-not-good features, far behind the quality and effectiveness of developed countries in Europe and the United States. In 2015, the State Council released "Made in China 2025", the opening name of the document: Manufacturing is the mainstay of the national economy and the main battlefield of scientific and technological innovation. It fully illustrates the contribution of manufacturing to the national economy and its significance to China's strategic transformation.

The ambitious plan of "Made in China 2025" seeks to make China a world leader in "advanced manufacturing", no matter its success or not, it will have an impact on the world. Made in China 2025 The Strategic Plan is an aggressive strategy set by the Chinese government to rid the country's manufacturing industry of low-cost labor. China intends to compete with the high value-added manufacturing industries in Europe and North America by adopting the latest technologies and developing domestic innovation and R & D capabilities.

From the perspective of policy, the manufacturing of self-owned high-end manufacturing industry has risen to the national strategic level. "Made in China 2025" emphasizes the role of manufacturing industry in "establishing the country," "rejuvenating the country," "strengthening the nation base," and clearly guides the government through the government , Integrating resources and implementing five major projects of national manufacturing innovation center construction, smart manufacturing, strong industrial base, green manufacturing and high-end equipment innovation to achieve the key common technical breakthrough that has long constrained the development of the manufacturing industry and enhance the competitiveness of China's manufacturing industry Overall competitiveness.

However, as the EU started to promote Industry 4.0, it also noticed the potential impact of "Made in China 2025" on European companies. Anand Shanker, a research analyst for the electronics and semiconductor sectors at MarketsandMarkets, a market research firm, predicted that "Made in China 2025" is committed to improving The competitiveness of local businesses at the national and international levels to reduce imports can even affect the global market share of foreign companies. "

For China, it is very hard for China to innovate and become independent in those technological fields in a short period of time. Therefore, it seems that the European operators are their major M & A targets through investing in and acquiring high-tech companies from developed countries.

In order to further implement "Made in China 2025", Premier Li Keqiang recently chaired a State Council executive meeting and set up a "Made in China 2025" national demonstration area to speed up the transformation and upgrading of the manufacturing industry.

In the process of China's transformation and upgrading from a big country to a powerful country, a batch of world-class and competitive global enterprises and outstanding entrepreneurs will surely emerge. Capital boosts, 2025 China manufacturing guidelines, coupled with the Chinese smart, diligent and innovative spirit of hard work, the next decade, smart manufacturing will be like electricity and the Internet into every manufacturing area, a profound change our world.

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