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    In today's society, people are considering a product, just look at his cost, quality and so on, it is a look at pre-sale service. In promoting cheap labor and other factor endowments, China became the "world factory", the world's manufacturing powerhouse.

    Since the reform and opening up, in promoting cheap labor and other factor endowments, China became the "world factory", the world's manufacturing powerhouse. According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, 2013 Chinese industry accounted for 37% GDP and provide 25% of jobs in the country, the proportion of China's manufacturing industry in the world is about 20%.

     However, faced with a rapidly changing domestic and international economic situation, Made in China is also facing unprecedented challenges: on the one hand, in the past to support land, manpower, resources, manufactured in China, and various other bonus is disappearing; on the other hand, since the financial crisis, strategic significance of the real economy once again highlighted, the United States, Germany and other major developed countries have to implement in order to revitalize the manufacturing sector as the core of the "re-industrialization" strategy to cultivate the development of high-end manufacturing, in order to seize the commanding heights of the new round of manufacturing.

    Faced with the challenge of how to make Chinese manufacturers compete with international high-end? With this question, the author participated in the National Internet Information Office organized the traditional media corporation microblogging "from the corporate look of confidence," the economic situation theme interviews, visited Beijing, Guangdong, Chongqing, Shaanxi, Gansu and other provinces manufacturing enterprises. In the interview, we learned that China's manufacturing industry is still competitive in the world, but also deeply traditional manufacturing industry transformation and upgrading of urgency.

    May 10 this year, the General Secretary Xi Jinping visits in Henan stressed Made in China to Created in China to promote change, Chinese speed shift to China quality Chinese products shift to Chinese brands. Paramount leader of the "manufacturing" and "create", "Speed​​" and "quality", "product" and "brand" these familiar words and exciting organically combine the height of its stations, and thickness connotation, expanding dimension goes without saying that this tradition of Chinese manufacturing country has a strong significance.

    How to achieve the "three changes"? The author believes that the key has four points:

    First, you need to pay attention to promote the transformation and upgrading of traditional industries. Traditional industries to promote R & D, design, patents, financing, investment, brand building by processing and manufacturing sectors, business models, logistics system extension, promote manufacturing to high-end chain development, promote the processing trade achieved by the low value to high value development of.

     Secondly, you need to pay more attention to the cultivation and development of strategic emerging industries. And integration of interactive multi-point breakthrough Internet, networking, artificial intelligence, 3D printing, optoelectronics, etc. will promote new industries, new formats, the rise of the new model. In research known as "China Optical Valley," said the East Lake New Technology Development Zone, for example, the production scale of its fiber optic cable in the world and the first fiber optic cable in the domestic market share of over 50% international market share reached 25%. 2013, high-tech enterprises in the zone of total revenue reached 651.7 billion yuan, in 2001 so far, basically maintain an average annual growth rate of 30%, the formation of new industries - optoelectronics industry-led, energy and environmental protection, bioengineering and new medicine and other industries competing pattern of development.

    Third, attention and cultivate innovation, encourage enterprises to increase R & D investment, the establishment and improvement of enterprises as the mainstay of technological innovation system. Gree air-conditioning in research, for example, in recent years, Gree R & D and product innovation will be placed in the highest strategic location, its annual investment in research and more than 4 billion yuan. More than 10,000 patents, 12 international leading technology will Gree forged into a ship with annual revenues of over 120 billion yuan of the giant aircraft carrier and into more than 100 countries and regions, its air conditioning production and sales jumped in the world.

    Fourth, enhance brand value, promote the brand internationalization. In the survey, we found that many Chinese products already quite mature, share in the international market also increased year by year. International big but relatively speaking, Chinese-made brand emboldened enough enough, largely because of the international context of consumer psychology, brand culture gap depth grasp. And 30 years, many Chinese enterprises have gone through a manual workshop, quality first, the domestic creative license, capital operation and other processes, this time, enhance brand value, especially international brand is particularly urgent. (China • Tool Information Network)

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