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[Very good high-performance milling cutter to solve processing problems]
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High-performance end mills can accomplish tasks that previously required a large number of tools and required longer machining times.


Traditional mold making is sometimes slow and has many processes, which are especially noticeable if the mold maker uses "drill first before drilling". This operation requires the manufacturer to first drill a clearance hole in the workpiece and then mill the material slowly using an end mill after changing the tool. Changing tools reduces productivity, and manufacturers have to slow down milling if there are too many tools protruding, tool vibrations or jig instability.

Some mold makers use high-performance end mills to produce large and medium-sized molds, so that they can be a good solution to these problems.

By using a variety of workpiece entry methods, these high-performance end mills do not require drilling clearance holes in the workpiece. Where space allows, this machine can use helical interpolation to drill holes in solid materials. In other cases, the high-performance end mill cuts the workpiece diagonally at an angle or cuts the workpiece vertically along the Z axis.

Once these initial steps are completed, the same tool cuts the workpiece along the X and Y axes just like a standard face milling cutter. With a single beveled / vertical entry / face mill (RPF tool) and CNC programming, the moldmaker can do the work that previously required a lot of tools and settings and took longer to process.

When the slash cuts into the workpiece or plunges the workpiece vertically, the insert is cut with both its inner and outer edges. In cavity production operations, this simultaneous cutting action reduces processing time by 80% compared to other types of tools.

The well-designed high-performance end mill increases productivity, enhances free cutting and improves mold finish, as well as large chip flutes and indexable threaded inserts to help chip outflow. Because the high positive geometry of the tool removes the chips well, their performance is almost comparable to horizontal or vertical machining.

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